1. There are no assigned parking spaces.
  2. A legal parking space is defined as one between two white lines.
  3. No Parking near yellow curbs.
  4. No parking on yellow street marks.
  5. No parking on corners.
  6. No parking in front of garages.
  7. No double parking.
  8. No parking in front of garbage dumpsters.
  9. No parking in front of fire hydrants.
  10. No parking in handicap parking, unless you have a legal permit.
  11. No unregistered or broken down vehicles.
  12. All vehicles must be moved within 72 hours.  Any vehicle that is unmoved for 72 hours will be considered abandoned.
  13. No trucks parked overnight.
  14. No vehicle repairs are permitted.
  15. Guests must have a temporary parking permit to park overnight.
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